We Need Your Support!

Because anyone with a computer can sell design services without proper education, training and professional experience. This hurts designers, devalues our work and turns our talents into a commodity. The lack of formal standards supported by a certifying organization that creates visibility for our profession makes design certification more critical than ever.

Past design certification efforts have failed because we have been too focused on trying to measure creativity. Therefore, we must develop a process that measures the objective aspects of our profession, which includes Professional Work Experience, Educational Background, Business Ethics and Technical Proficiency.

This site is part of a grass-roots campaign to bring about positive change for our profession by allowing you to be its voice. Design certification can become a reality only if you and every designer in this country are willing to make your voice heard. Please take a few minutes to become informed about certification and follow the three requests below.

We’re Asking You To Do Just Three Simple Things

Read our proposed certification model
  go to our proposed certification model
Look at our proposed site for certified designers
  go to our proposed site for certified designers
Sign our petition and support certification
  go to sign our petition and support certification