Bad Design Examples

The samples below highlight some of the major problems we are faced with. Healthy competition is a good thing, but seasoned designers can’t compete for $100 logos and $200 Web sites. Businesses that do not understand the value of design shop for designers like they shop for groceries, and it’s our job as an industry to educate them about the value we provide so that we are not seen as just the “art person.” Elevating our standards begins with design certification and an advocate to promote higher standards, not just within our industry but outside of it as well.

Bad Companies
THIS COMPANY SAYS: According to the Graphic Artists Guild you’ll pay $2,000 to $10,000 for a corporate logo at a traditional design firm. You can get a company logo from Logoworks for only $299.
THIS COMPANY SAYS: This site is not operated by newbies trying to build up their portfolio. We are designing logos for only $19 simply because we really like to design logos.
THIS COMPANY SAYS: Why spend $200 or more on a logo when you can get the same high quality custom logo designed for a fraction of the cost?
THIS COMPANY SAYS: FREE expert design with all brochure printing purchases. Prices start at $199
THIS COMPANY SAYS: Get graphic design templates, Stationary, Brochures, Newsletter, Postcards, Flyers and Ads starting at $99
THIS COMPANY SAYS: Custom Website Design Starting at Just $99
THIS COMPANY SAYS: If you need a cheap ass Website starting at $299 then Call Us Now. Toll Free 877 U Donkey

Bad Logos

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Bad Web Sites